American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy PS 123/PACS 130
Spring 2003
Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30
4 LeConte
Professor Crawford
202 Moses Hall
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Lecture 23 Alliance Relations
I. Where We Are:
· The Liberal Isolationist and Intervention—Three points
· The Conservative Internationalist believes Three Things
· Liberal Internationalist
1. World is moving toward democracy
2. State sanctity should be questioned
3. the US will and must turn to international organizations
4. The US should be part of a UN peacekeeping force
anywhere human rights or democracy is threatened.
· The Conservative Realist: Does not care whether Fukuyama is right and does not believe Huntington.
1.Believes in the State
2. Believes that state power balances in the international system
3. Furthermore it is useless to try to install democracies abroad
4. Finally, the argument for universal human rights is flawed.
5. The fewer US interests abroad, the better
6. Is there any reason to intervene militarily abroad?
II. Alliance Relations
1. How they stand
2. The Conservative Internationalist position: The US does not need alliances
3. Conservative Realist: Two versions
Balance of Power—Europe IS a threat to the US
Nato Is Dead, Long live NATO
4. The Liberal Internationalist Position
1. Agrees with the analysis of the Conservative Realist
2. The Demand for NATO
3. NATO as a Pluralistic Security Community