American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy PS 123/PACS 130
Spring 2003
Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30
4 LeConte
Professor Crawford
202 Moses Hall
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Course on "Issues in American Foreign Policy After 9/11" Monday evenings 7-9 p.m.

Institute for the Media, Peace, and Security: A resource center

Everything you wanted to know about the Spanish-American War

U.S. Government The U.S. Department of Defense home page. The White House welcomes you. The CIA's home page, with links to other intelligence resources of the U.S. The U.S. Senate's home page. The U.S. House of Representatives.

Research/Lobby/Activist/Action Organizations The Federation of American Scientists. A high quality arms control organization, with information and links on all sorts of Weapons of Mass Destruction issues. The Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies has some good information on proliferation issues, and a superb list of links to other proliferation and security-related sites (including a top-ten list of proliferation sites). The Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre. Lots of information and links on peacekeeping. The Stimson Center, whose motto is "pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives." Good information on WMD issues and arms control.

Other News Outlets A very high quality British journal. The amount of coverage it gives to world affairs makes many similar U.S. magazines seem provincial. Try also the BBC on radio and TV. Guess who? Links to current military/conflict news stories, put together and updated daily from the Canadian Forces College. Has an enlightening Euro, non-US bent.

International Organizations / The United Nations' site. Lots of information on peacekeeping, international law, Security Council actions and documents, etc. The NATO home page. The European Union's English language homepage. The Worldbank homepage

Best overall set of links on military/history issues collected by Bill Arkin.

Criticism of US Foreign Policy