American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy PS 123/PACS 130
Spring 2003
Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30
4 LeConte
Professor Crawford
202 Moses Hall
Office Hours: M 10-11:30


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Lecture 19: Carter and Interdependence

I. Where We Are
A. A tour of American foreign policy,
B. Policy is shaped by power
C. The more power, the more choice
C. Power and multilateralism: hegemonic stability as policy
D. Two constraints in the international environment: hegemonic decline and the declining utility of force.

II. Effects on Foreign Policy
A. Shifting power in International Institutions
B. Rise in Protectionism

III. Policy Assessment:
A. Was being the stabilizing Hegemon good for the US?
B. Was hegemonic stability good for the world?

IV. International Interdependence
V. Interdependence as Policy

· New Issues, New Actors, New responses:
· Policy toward the Soviet Union
· Human Rights Policy

VI Problems with Human Rights Policy
A. Whose human rights?
B. Policy consistency and cynicism
C. Carter’s Human Rights Blunders
· Death of Détente
· Iran