American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy PS 123/PACS 130
Spring 2003
Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30
4 LeConte
Professor Crawford
202 Moses Hall
Office Hours: M 10-11:30


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Lecture 11 outline

The Cold War and Revolution
I. Violence in Asia, Africa, Latin America
A. Most internal or anti-colonial
II. American historical stance toward revolution abroad
A. Supportive
B. Except when US economic interests were threatened
C. American support for nationalism when it opposed European colonialism
1. Suez example
D. Otherwise, opposition to nationalism if leftists were nationalists
1. Iran, 1953
2. Guatamala 1954
a. History
b. Causes
3. Belgian Congo, 1960
4. Cuba, 1961
III.Myths of Monoliths, Dominos, self-fulfilling prophecies.
A. What causes these myths?
B. Domestic Effects of Rollback
1. expansion of government bureaucracies.
2. movement away from professional diplomats toward more political appointments
3. Creation of the Iron Triangle, or the military-industrial complex
4. Anti-Communist hysteria and McCarthyism
5. A shifting of priorities within universities.
IV. Conclusion