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This page focuses on Facebook groups and websites of NGOs, volunteer groups, and programs providing relief services to refugees. Links to Facebook and/or websites are just below the organizations' descriptions. Descriptions are from their Facebook page and/or website, unless noted. These are general relief services - shelter, food, clothing, and more. For specific types of services, visit other pages on this site.

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Logo for Refugee Utility Project
Refugee Utility Project was started in August 2015 in response to the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis. Since our inception we have been very fortunate to partner alongside UNHCR and work together for a collective goal. 

Right now, our main mission has been tasked with locating and providing emergency relief and aid in the forms of food, medical care and supplies, updated registration/UN contact information, and necessary utilities to sustain life (stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, supplies for shelter). 

We have expanded to create the first permanent school in Rukban, Syria, with our partner organization Acting 4 Change Jordan.



I am a Syrian in Lebanon
This closed Facebook group that has been helping Syrian refugees who live in exile in Lebanon is a one-stop shop for information for refugees wanting help with topics ranging from how to report abuse to accessing the services and assistance provided by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and its partners.

Article describing the service

Logo for Salam Lebanese Association for Development and Communicaton
Salam Lebanese Association for Development and Communication (Peace LADC)
was founded by Joseph Matta in 2006 as a response to the war that occurred July 2006, focused on strengthening the dialogue between displaced people and their host communities. Over the years it has conducted many important projects, such as setting up libraries in prisons and enabling higher education to Syrian refugees (together with the Spark organization).

In January 2016, acknowledging the immense number of refugees in Lebanon (1/4 of the population), Igor Kubat and Martin Kvernbekk, who had previously volunteered in Europe, came to Lebanon in order to assess the situation. It did not take long until Joseph met with Martin and Igor and it became apparent that their agendas were aligned. As a consequence, they decided to merge Salam LADC with the Volunteering Lebanon network, creating Salam’s international platform. In March 2016, Laran Matta joined the team as the third core member of Salam’s international platform.

Salam LADC now provides a platform for international volunteers, grassroots initiatives, and private and institutional donors to coordinate their efforts towards assisting and empowering refugee and other vulnerable populations across Lebanon, whilst also serving as a link to the major local and international actors. 

Our aim is to provide flexible, effective and non-bureaucratic assistance, which fills the gaps where refugees and local communities do not receive sufficient support, in light of the overwhelming need created by the Syrian refugee crisis. 

We strive towards strengthening inter-community dialogue by building bridges between the Lebanese and Syrian communities, and assisting the most vulnerable – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.


Logo for Sawa for Development and Aid
Sawa for Development & Aid
At the end of the year 2011, the youth initiative Sawa4Syria was founded as a reaction to the dire gap in fulfilling the needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Sawa was among the first initiatives on the ground, encompassing a big number of students, individuals, professionals, academics, and business men, Syrian, Lebanese, and of diverse nationalities and multiple backgrounds, united by a common aim: that humanitarian relief and development is a matter of social justice, and to raise the living standards of Syrian refugees particularly, and the families in need from all nationalities more generally, to the basic standards of a dignified life.

All efforts done by volunteers and those who supported the initiative (both materially and morally) helped Sawa4Syria to expand and become a non profit organization (Sawa for Development and Aid), to work in different areas, including but beyond relief, in projects that transform the individual from beneficiary to an independent agent in society.



Logo for Human Care Syria
Human Care Syria
Established in 2011, Human Care Syria is the working name of UK- registered NGO, Human Care Foundation Worldwide which delivers quality humanitarian aid to affected communities in Syria and neighbouring countries. Human Care Syria is governed by a collective board of trustees who regularly review and decide on initiatives responding to humanitarian needs in the country.

Human Care Syria operates according to universally recognised humanitarian principles, values and practices and in full compliance with the rules and regulations of UK charity law.

It was the crisis in Syria that prompted members of the Syrian diaspora across the United Kindgom to send aid and assistance to those suffering due to the conflict that marked our beginning as Human Care Syria. The plight of conflict torn Syria moved us to work untiringly to send convoys packed with medical aid and non-food items including winter hats, gloves and socks, which were driven by a dedicated team of volunteers to Syria.

Our mission is to deliver aid and development programmes to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background.

Beliefs and Values
We are dedicated to restoring stability to a war torn country by providing immediate aid and relief as well as being committed to the long term development of building a peaceful community in Syria. We seek to achieve this by implementing child development programmes and empowering individuals to rebuild their lives. We believe that supporting individuals, we are laying foundations for brighter futures not only for them, but for the entire community and empowering generations to come.

We are accountable to:


Logo for the Karam Foundation
Karam Foundation
We develop Innovative Education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distribute Smart Aid to Syrian families, and fund Sustainable Development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians. 

Karam Foundation was founded in 2007 in Chicago — a small, non-profit organization determined to do big things. Karam means generosity in Arabic — our simple vision was to give what was needed to those who needed it anywhere around the world. Eight years ago, we started with a food drive on the south-side of Chicago. Today, our impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, building a better future for thousands of Syrian families.


Logo for The Syria Campaign
The Syria Campaign
Our mission is to help build a movement of people armed with ideas and passion, in solidarity with Syrians everywhere, towards the goal of peace and freedom.


Logo for Syria Civil Defense aka The White Helmets
Syria Civil Defense aka The White Helmets

Volunteer Syrian civil defence teams carry out search and rescue and fire fighting operations following attacks against civilians. They are apolitical and non-partisan: their mandate is to save lives. Ian Panel, a BBC Journalist who spent time with one of the Aleppo teams in April 2014 called their work; "The most dangerous job in one of the world's most dangerous cities."



Logo for Afghan Refugees Association in Turkey
Afghan Refugees Association in Turkey

Note. Both the Facebook group and the website are in Farsi, but can be translated. News is not limited to Afghans in Turkey only.]


Logo for Aegean Refugee Aid
Aegean Refugee Aid (ARA)
This page was created in order to give more information about the situation of the refugees in Izmir. We will also publish every single activity or program done by the volunteers. This page was not arranged by any organizations, except from the International students who are currently studying in Izmir.


Logo for Because Turkey
Because: Instanbul & Turkey Refugee Connections for Volunteer Teams
We are a team of volunteers working to aid refugees in Istanbul, and we are here to support other volunteers to do the same. We do so by connecting volunteers to projects needing help/resources in the city.

Note. This group uses Google Docs to organize volunteers.


Logo for In Solidarity With Refugees in Izmir
In Solidarity With Refugees in Izmir
This group is formed for the big hearted donors who have contributed to Bev's and Lewis' call to help refugees in Turkey. We want to share you our experince with the refugees, share their stories and demonstrate how your hand reaches to this part of the world and creates happiness for these people. We thank you all for being with us here!


Image for Refugee Volunteers of Izmir
Refugee Volunteers of Izmir (ReVi)

Welcome to the Refugee Volunteers of IZMIR group! (IZMIR is the keyword here) 

We're a group of independent volunteers in Izmir. Our main goal is to help the refugees with sustainable solutions, so that they won't need our help anymore. We're focusing on the refugees who are going to have to stay in Turkey. NOT going to Europe.

Are you thinking about coming to Turkey to volunteer? 

We work with families for weeks and months, we prefer people able to stay long-term.

Here are some steps to take a look:

1- Please read the information at and what we do every week at

2- If you'd like to join us, please email Chris at and he'll coordinate everything.

3- You may also look at other groups and organizations in Izmir at


Logo for The Tribe Turkey
The Tribe Turkey
We are a small group of friends living in Izmir, Turkey. We work with displaced Syrians in the city and rural areas to devise sustainable programs. We realised there are gaps in support and we are doing our best to fill them!

There are signs of change in Turkey, but problems exist. Refugees have been given some rights. Access to education and medical support is improving, but limited. In reality, these changes are not well implemented. Language barriers & poor, exploitive working conditions of a mostly informal/illegal market mean economic opportunities are limited for Syrians.

Our core is about social values and we strive to resolve community problems.

Our work is a collaboration. Listening, interviewing and brainstorming the issues with those displaced and marginalised allows us to enact empowering social change. We involve Turkish businesses, international higher education partners, hire Syrian translators and are in constant consultation with those we aim to help. 

Follow our story and help us help Refugees living in Turkey.


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