Contemporary Theories of Political Economy

Contemporary Theories of Political Economy

TuTh 330-5P

Professor Crawford
University of California at Berkeley





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Session 1 2011 Introduction

Session 2 2011 Economic Liberalism

Session 3 Political Liberalism 2011

Session 4 Rational Choice 2011

Session 5 Cooperation, Group Size, Coase Theorem

Session 6 comparative Advantage 2011

Session 7 Historical critique of Liberalism: Polanyi

Session 8 Liberal Critique continued: Irrationality, Institutions, and the Market-Democracy Link

Session 9 The Political Economy of Justice 2011

Session 10 Marx and Modern Political Economy 2011

Session 11 The Political Economy of Community 2011

Session 12 Community and Nation 2011

Session 13 Fascism, Cultural Community, and Economic Nationalism 2011

Session 14 Economic Nationalism and Depression 2011

Session 15 Explaining the Great Depression 2011

Session 16 International Embedded Liberalism 2011

Session 17 Domestic Embedded Liberalism and the Welfare State 2011

Session 18 Liberal Theories of Development 2011

Session 19 Dependency Theory 2011

Session 20 Institutional Paths to Development 2011

Session 21 Asian Success 2011

Session 22 Globalization: A Neoliberal victory 2011

Session 23 Globalization and Shifting World Power: Economic Nationalist fears 2011

Session 24 Globalization and Community: Does Globalization increase Cultural Conflict?

Session 25 Globalization and inequality in the United States

Session 26 Can Freedom, Equality, and Community coexist? The European Experiment and the Welfare State

Session 27 Resource Scarcity, Exploitation, and Environmental Degradation: The ultimate challenge

Session 28 Tragedy of the Commons: The Arctic

Session 29 Review