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Lifelines - Syrian Womanhoods in Transition¬†aims to deconstruct current public representations of Syrian refugee women and challenge the discourses of “vulnerabilization” and “victimization” through humanist and feminist viewpoints. I aim to reflect historically and situationally specific cultural, social and ethnic realities of being a Syrian woman (hence the word “womanhoods” in the title) and experiencing war as a woman. The life stories of seven individuals who are originally from Syria (now in transition across the world) will demonstrate various enriched pictures of Syrian women; that is, the activist, educated and powerful, and working under challenging circumstances and holding on to life. It will contribute to an anti-discriminatory dialog and to the increasing knowledge production about Syrians with Syrian women from a holistic, collaborative, and positive view. “Literary non-fiction” or “documentary-literary prose” can be used for genre description.

Note. Ozlem Ezer, the author, was a visiting scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies 2016-2017.


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Melissa Network is a network for migrant women in Greece, promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship.

Article - "Migrant women help female refugees build new lives in Athens"

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