Volunteer opportunities

Note: This page is frequently updated. It is by no means complete. These resources provide comprehensive updates.

Many of the relief services listed on this website welcome volunteers.

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Global Aid Worker

If you are an aid worker or aspiring to be one, connect with us!

Our space provides a forum for aid workers to connect with, support, & learn from one another. 

It also provides helpful information, directly from experienced aid workers, for those aspiring to join the aid working world as well as for the families/friends of aid workers who are living in, or who have lived in, deep field locations. 

The site has a special focus on trauma, helping aid workers better understand trauma from colleagues who have experienced it firsthand & also providing survivors with an opportunity to connect with each other in a mutually supportive way.


Refugee Crisis Reality Check: Volunteering in Greece with Refugees - Reality Check and What to Know Before You Go

This is a Google doc prepared by CAMPFIRE Innovation. It is updated frequently.

Google doc

Volunteer Digest is a Google doc that lists agencies, their locations, their contact information; specific skills needed; and preferred timeframes. This is a open document.

Google doc

Last updated May 27, 2016

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