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Critical Refugee Studies Collective

In Spring 2016, a multidisciplinary group of UC faculty and graduate students (from UCSD, UCR, UCLA, UCB, and UCM) working on critical refugee studies were brought together under the auspices of the UCHRI. The exchanges that have been made possible through this convening have animated and enriched our respective projects, in no small part because of the safe and mutually nurturing intellectual space that has emerged in the process, and that has heretofore been absent on most of our campuses. Prior to this, where such exchanges have been possible, they have been largely confined to annual meetings and conferences. 

Now funded by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), the Critical Refugee Studies Collective is a four-year initiative (2017-2020) that seeks to make the University of California the premier institution for critical research, teaching, and public initiatives on refugees. The CRSC promotes and funds innovative projects that trace the impact of colonialism, imperialism, and militarization on refugee movements and that integrates scholarly, policy, and artistic interests with refugees’ everyday concerns. We view public engagement and community collaboration as central to our intellectual endeavor and critical intervention. All of our core members have intimate ties to refugee histories and deep and sustained ties to refugee communities. In addition to our historical experiences, we also have linguistic and cultural access to the communities that we will be engaging, and extensive expertise in community-engaged research. These strengths position us well to undertake projects on and with refugees that link communities, artists and academic institutions as critical partners. 

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Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Initiative (RAHI)
The Refugee and Asylum seeker Health Initiative (RAHI) encompasses and oversees all clinical and academic endeavors related to refugee and asylee health within the UCSF system.  Our goal is to make refugee and asylee health a recognized priority, to improve quality of care of these individuals, and to foster education and academic activity in this field.  The committee is multidisciplinary, including current members of UCSF faculty, staff, Global health Core and faculty affiliates, Survivors International, Newcomers Program, Department of Public Health, UC Consortium, asylum evaluators, interested students and housestaff, legal consultants, refugee resettlement agencies, and prominent members of the community.  We provide support and expertise in clinical endeavors, develop housestaff and medical student curriculum, and encourage academic research and publications in refugee health.  Community education, social activism, and raising awareness are important priorities within the initiative.  We are committed to expanding the knowledge base and literature on refugee health in order to foster evidence-based practice within the field.

Google doc of RAHI activities and needs

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