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This page focuses on Facebook groups and websites of organizations providing financial services for refugees. Links to Facebook and/or websites are just below the organizations' descriptions. Descriptions are from their Facebook page, unless noted.

Article on cash assistance for refugees in Greece - February 10, 2017

Logo for MONI
MONI is the hub that transforms the financial industry into a consumer-driven business. Accessible on every phone, everywhere.

Pay with your MONI Prepaid MasterCard and have no worries – thanks to the MasterCard network, it works everywhere, from online retailers to the corner shop. MONI is a prepaid card, so anyone can get one – and because you decide how much money you put on it, you always stay in control.

The Finnish Immigration Service chose MONI’s smart payment service for refugees

Logo for Taqanu
Migrants, refugees, expatriates, and remote workers face major barriers in economic inclusion, which is essential for integration. New migrants and even long-term expatriates are poorly serviced by existing financial institutions. They are exposed to unavoidable situations to live out of with cash that is hard to monitor and keep safe.

We envision an open banking solution to grant easy access to the financial ecosystem. And while the traditional system operates on a KYC policy that disqualifies most of these immigrants, we believe that banking services should be as easily accessible as an email account.

To make this vision a reality, we aim to provide limited but fully operational debit cards and checking accounts for anyone in need of such a service, regardless of residency status or available documentation. The system will be built on blockchain and delivered through mobile, and will make the process of relocating and integrating into a new society much, much easier.


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