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This page provides links to Berkeley student organizations that focus on refugees.

Logo for No Lost Generation
No Lost Generation at Berkeley (NLG-Berkeley) is a student group tasked by the United States Department of State to support those affected by the ongoing global refugee crisis and ensure that this generation of displaced youth is not lost. Our current objectives include raising awareness and funds for partner NGOs already involved in educational support in the region. 

In conjunction with the State Department, NLG-Berkeley hopes to serve as a model for future collaborations between the US government and university students across the country. By combining the network power of university students with the resources and expertise of the State Department, we hope to connect students with opportunities to support humanitarian efforts working to ensure a generation of refugees is not deprived of the universal right to education.

Note. There are chapters of NLG at campuses across the country.


Logo for Save A Refugee
Save A Refugee is an organization founded by students at UC Berkeley that is aimed to help refugees through fundraising and volunteering opportunities. We fundraise to support a variety of non-profit  organizations, including International Rescue Committee and Karam Foundation . A portion of the money we raise is allocated towards buying warm blankets, temporary shelters, school supplies, clean water, and emergency medical supplies during times of crises. We also sponsor refugee families and donate clothes to them. Our goal is to make the transition  of refugees to their new lives easier.


Logo for Students Organize for Syria at Berkeley (SOS)
Students Organize for Syria at Berkeley (SOS) exists as a network of students working together on projects and events nationwide. We are a student­run organization and as a leader of a local chapter, you too can participate on the national level, by giving suggestions for event ideas and improvements for the organization and its future. SOS will hold unified events across the country, where students from all our campus chapters will participate simultaneously to create a large presence nationwide. In addition, local chapters are encouraged to hold their own supplemental events when SOS national is not working on a collaborative project. These efforts and events will be divided into three main categories in accordance with our mission statement.

1. Education/Awareness

2. Fundraising

3. Advocacy/Solidarity

Moving forward, we will exist as our name implies ­ students working together, organizing themselves, for the Syrian cause. Our efforts are collaborative, meaning that we want to make sure we are constantly communicating between our local chapters and our national leadership. Our events and projects will come from your ideas and suggestions.


Logo for United Nations Refugee Agency at Cal - UNRAC
United Nations Refugee Agency at CAL (UNRAC) was founded on the idea that we, UC Berkeley students, are in a very privileged  and advantageo us position to spark positive change for refugee crises around the world through advocacy and fundraisin g. Our diverse organizati on is made up of unique individual s from all different background s, majors, and lifestyles , but we all share the common goal of helping those who are less fortunate and through the UNRAC we can accomplish this goal.


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