1. Where we are
    1. Sum of last day’s argument:


Definition of National Interest Chances of Muting Security Dilemma
  Low High
Broad Conservative Expansionist
Manifest Destiny

(Teddy Roosevelt)
Liberal Internationalist

Conservative Isolationist

Monroe Doctrine
(Pat Buchanan)

Liberal Isolationist


B. Why the Isolationist opposes Internationalism

C. Pat Buchanan as a Modern Isolationist

D. What’s wrong with Isolationism today?

    The Myth of Isolation
    1. Myth and Fact
    2. The Argument
    3. Expansion as conservative Internationalism
  1. "An Empire for Liberty:

Three Pillars of American Conservative Internationalism


1.American exceptionalism

2.Liberty sanctifies Greatness

3.Manifest destiny:

4.Example of Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny: the Case for Indian Removal

    1. Power:

1.The Monroe Doctrine

2. Monstors at the Gates: The call for American Primacy

C. Property: 1.Economic growth created needs. 2. Epansion was healthy for American Politics at home IV. Examples of Conservative Internationalism: Expansion A.The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 B.Jefferson's 1803 Louisiana Purchase
    • Justification
    • Background

C. Removal of the Native Americans

    • The strategy
    • The Indian Removal Act
    • The Trail of Tears