I. Where we Are

A. Conservative and Liberal Realism

B. Rationality

C. Does Public Opinion shape foreign policy?

D. American Cultureó"national character" "identity."

II. Grand Strategies

  1. Where do they come from?
  2. Which view are they based on?

Isolationist Internationalist

  Isolationist Internationalist
Conservative Realist
Unilateral Defense + Offense Expansive Unilateralism
Unilateral Defense Multilateral Cooperation
Liberal Realist

III. Isolationism

  1. Three Pillars of American Isolationism

B. The ingredients of Isolationism

C. The Ingredients of "Conservative Realist" Isolationism

D. The ingredients of "Liberal Realist" isolationism

2. Maintain only defensive Military force

3. Defend Democracy at home.

4. Lead by example, not by force

5. Donít be a Lightening Rod

6. Leave a Light Footprint

D. The social effects of Isolationism/ Free Security

E. Why the Isolationist opposes Internationalism