Classical Theories of Political Economy

Classical Theories of Political Economy
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TuTh 2-330P

Beverly Crawford
University of California at Berkeley
127 Stephens
Office Hours: Thurs. 4-5 (Crawford)

A few of the Dead White Men and one woman whose theories we will read.......


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Note: This course syllabus presents a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary. Later sessions, in particular, may be revised to incorporate newer material, i.e. a new financial crisis, climate change calamity, crisis, etc. 

PE 100  Schedule of Readings and Lectures

Introduction  August 23: Central questions of political economy

Part I: The Political Economy of Community

 Augustr 28/ Aug. 30/ September 4/Sept. 6. Human Nature, the State of Nature, and The Social Contract: The Community Principle in governing allocation

August 28

August 30

  • Hobbes in Sommerville 141-148 and 160-165 (top)
  • Thucydides: Melian Dialogue

September 4

study break poems: "Noble Savage"

September 6

recommended video

recommended reading: Friedrich Engels, Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State, Chapter III

Sept. 11/13/18/20 Four Views on defining the Community Principle for distributing wealth and power

September 11: The Distribution of Power and the role of wealth: The Classical Perspective

  • Plato The Republic in Sommerville pp. 17-45
  • Aristotle Politics in Sommerville pp. 59-100

recommended: Aristotle Politics Book I (on the economy)

Study break poem: "All You Undisturbed Cities" by Reiner Maria Rilke

Sept. 13 The Distribution of wealth: Fairness and Morality

Sept. 18 The Distribution of Power: The General Will (Beth's Birthday!)

  • Rousseau in Sommerville, pp. 215-238

Sept 20 The Greatest Good For the Greatest Number

September 20: In-Class Quiz

Part II: The Political Economy of Freedom:

September 21st: Last Day to Drop/Add

Week 6 Sept 25/27
Sept. 25 Why Freedom should trump Comminity as a Distribution And Governing Principle

  • John Stuart Mill, "On Liberty", Sommerville pp. 302-341
  • Thomas Jefferson, "Declaration of Independence" Sommerville pp. 239-45

 poetry break: Beautiful Individuality by Friedrich Schiller (who died the year before John Stuart Mill was born)

Sept. 27   Private Property as the Basis of Freedom:

  • Locke Second Treatise on Civil Government Chapter 5 in Sommerville 175-178 ,

    Week 7 Oct.2/4     Creating the Market to uphold the "Freedom" Principle Part I

October 2 


  • Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations Book III, Chapters 2-4

October 4  

First Newspaper Assignment Due in Class October 4

  •  Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations, Introduction Book I, Chapters 1-3, 8

Week 8 Oct. 9/11  How the Market creates and preserves Freedom Part II --- Free Trade

Oct. 9   

Week 9 Oct. 16/18  Three Limitations on Freedom:
Oct. 16   Morality: Our responsibilities toward others. Are they more important than self interest?

Oct. 18  Preserving Community: Should we limit the market or do away with it altogether?

Oct. 23 Midterm

Oct. 25 Freedom, Community, Liberalism, and Conservatism: An Introduction to Mary Wollstonecraft


Part III The Political Economy of Equality

Oct. 30 Wollstonecraft and Marx: The Illusions of Liberalism--The Illusion of Freedom for Women and The illusion of human equality

Nov. 1 Marx: The Origins of Inequality -- Exploitation and the Contradictions of Capitalism


Nov. 6  Marx: The fruits of inequality--Alienation, and The Principle of Equality--Communism


Part IV: Nationalism:  The Political Economy of Community in a global context

Nov. 8  Theories of Nationalism (Part I) 

Nov. 13 Theories of Nationalism (Part II)

Nov. 15 Limiting Freedom for the Sake of Community: Theory of Economic Nationalism in Europe

Nov 20 Having it both ways: Reconciling Nationalism and Free Trade

Second Newspaper Assignment Due in Class November 20

Part V: Nationalism and Freedom run amok

Thursday, November 22, 2012 --Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 27 Imperialism  

Nov. 29  Summary and Conclusions

Classes End  Friday, Nov. 30, 2012
Dec. 6 2-3 pm. Review Session  

Dec. Final Examination TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2012   8-11A