The Political Economy of Ethnic and Religious Conflict

Fall Spring 2017
Wednesday 3-6
Barrows 129
Professor Crawford

Office Hours: Weds. 2-3 and by Appointment



Course Requirements

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Course Requirements

This course is a senior seminar which requires your presence and participation in all of the sessions. Your absence in any of the sessions will diminish the experience for everyone; therefore you are required to attend all sessions, unless you discuss an unavoidable absence with me in advance of the session you can’t attend. You are required to come to class prepared to discuss the readings assigned each week.

Course discussions do not stop at the end of class. This course has a Facebook Group entitled "Political Economy." As part of your participation in the course, you are required to join the group and post articles relevant to the course, as well as comment on the articles posted by fellow students.

A short personal cultural history (2 pages) is due the second week of class

Three short assignments are due on specific dates throughout the semester. (See syllabus) These assignments will be incorporated into the final paper, (20 pages) due in the last week of class (Week 15).

You will present a draft of your paper to the class before it is due, and you will be assigned as a "discussant" for the presentation of a fellow student.