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January 30, 2017

"Refugees are Heroes: The Ban Hurts Us All"

February 11, 2016 - "Why don't refugees fly?"


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International And Area Studies IAS 194 Ethnic and Religious Conflict


Olli 2017 "Fake News" or "Real News": What's the Difference and How to Know


Modern Theories of Political Economy


Classical Theories of Political Economy


"Fake News" or "Real News": What's the Difference and How to Know




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 I am Professor emerita of Political Science and Political Economy at the University of California Berkeley and the former Director of Berkeley’s Center for German and European Studies.  I teach courses on Theories of International Political Economy, American Foreign Policy, Feminist Theories of International Relations, and currently, Ethnic and Religious Conflict, as well as Global Conflict and the Refugee Crisis. I have written policy papers, articles, and a co-edited book on the causes of cultural conflict in Europe, Greece, Bulgaria, and the former Yugoslavia. Most recently I received fellowships from the Turkish National Science Foundation and from the European Commission to study the demographics of the refugee crisis in Turkey and Europe, and, in the summer of 2015, I became an "accidental volunteer" along with my colleagues from Yasar University, providing aid to refugees living on the streets in Izmir, Turkey. You can see what we are doing on the Facebook page below.

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Olli 2018

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University of Haifa The Global Refugee Crisis